Julia Royall

Global Health Information Specialist

Working with MedlinePlus tutorial on malaria in Mifumi village, Uganda

Network of African Medical Librarians at Secretariat, based at Kenyatta University

Editing with Tony Ngunjiri, cinematographer

Sara Mbaga, medical librarian, conducts workshop at Makerere University, Uganda

On tour with the Minister of Health in Sofala Province, Mozambique

“Refugiados” art from Mozambique

Women at the well in Gulu, Northern Uganda

Julia Royall

Julia Royall is a global health information specialist with 25 years of experience in Africa. She is committed to bringing together health information, the arts, and technology with partners, projects, and funding, using a variety of media. She has developed a successful methodology that moves project leadership to the local level, enabling in-country librarians, journal editors, physicians, health workers, researchers, and medical students to determine how information projects are developed and used.

Julia Royall brings together her many partners and longtime experience of working in Africa to create unique programs in support of public health.


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