William is an electrician who, along with his partner Lloyd, have helped us with many repairs around the house. They came to us from the Rugundas and have been of great assistance. One night, William and Lloyd came with the drill to help me hang several paintings. William is a slight man, quiet, and bright. They drilled and fiddled with the pictures. William was absorbed in hanging two oils by a “Mr. Sun: who, I’m told, is an old man, living in Kampala. As he was placing one with huts on an island in Lake Victoria, he sudddenly said, “Those huts remind me of Congo.” I didn’t say anything, but he continued, speaking hesitantly and Lloyd stopped drilling. “I’ve not told this story to many people, only recently to the Honorable and Madam Rugunda.” “I was captured by the EDF….”

For the rest of William’s story, read it in his own words or watch the video that follows.

William tells the story of his abduction as a college student by rebels carrying out the infamous Kichwamba atrocity. (62 minutes)